A brief description of the Event:

With 30 years of dynamic experience and technical know-how, the PHILOXENIA 2014 International Exhibition remains the main meeting point for Greek and Balkan professionals, who were welcomed at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre from 13 to 16 November 2014.

The goal of the event was to showcase the very latest in the international tourism industry, enriching Greek exhibition reality with a high-level event of a strictly professional nature. Within the framework of the Philoxenia exhibition, TIF-HELEXPO invited and hosted important Hosted Buyers from target-countries, providing exhibitors with the prospect of direct partnerships and agreements. Over the weekend, the general public were given the opportunity to visit the exhibition and discover new tourism destinations.

Director of the Exhibition:  Christos Chryssovelidis
Tel. No:
 2310 291 293
Fax No: 2310 291 658
Ε-mail address: philoxenia@helexpo.gr
Website: http://philoxenia.helexpo.gr/philoxenia  

Indicative Results of an Exhibitor and Visitor Survey:
Cumulative Data on the Fair:

As regards the degree of achievement of the initial goals set by the Exhibitors for their participation in ‘Philoxenia 2014’, the general picture indicates very good and good satisfaction of these goals. More specifically, the goal of information (for the Exhibitors to receive and provide information) exhibits high satisfaction percentages, with 59.26% of Exhibitors considering it excellent and very good. A significant percentage of 40.74% also consider it good and average, while the percentage that do not believe the goal was achieved at all is zero.

A percentage of 58.41% consider that the goal of promoting their enterprise was achieved to an excellent and very good extent, while 38.05% consider that it was achieved to a good and average extent. On the contrary, the percentage of Exhibitors who do not believe this goal was achieved at all is just 3.54%.

The goal of creating contacts in order to achieve orders from new customers also exhibits high satisfaction percentages that are equal to those of other goals. Thus, 46.66% of Exhibitors consider that this goal was achieved to a very good and good extent. A significant percentage of 22.5% consider that this goal was achieved to an excellent extent, 27.5% consider that this goal was achieved to an average extent, while 3.33% consider that this goal was not achieved at all.

The goal of renewing contacts with old customers also exhibits a very good satisfaction extent, with 57.3% of Exhibitors believing that it was achieved to a good extent, 20.22% to an excellent extent, 21.35% to an average extent, and just 1.12% believe this goal was not achieved at all. More specifically, the extent of accomplishment of the goals set by Exhibitors at Philoxenia 2014 is presented in the following chart:

Chart. Extent of accomplishment of Exhibition goals.

57.0% of Exhibitors intend to participate in the next Event, while 37.0% may participate in the next Event. On the contrary, just 6.0% of Exhibitors do not intend to participate in the next Philoxenia. The main reasons cited by the Exhibitors who not intend to participate in the next Philoxenia for their decision are: The poor management of appointments, the general organisation and operation of the Hosted Buyers programme by the company that had undertaken it, and the low return from the Exhibition.

Chart. Do you intend to participate in the next Event?

92.00% of the Exhibitors who participated in the Exhibition believe that their participation in the Exhibition will result in additional activity for their enterprise in the future (after the Exhibition has ended), with only 8.00% believing the opposite.

Chart. Do you believe that the participation of your enterprise in the Exhibition will result in additional activity in the future?


The countries of origin of Hosted Buyers vary. More specifically, of the countries chosen by the Organiser to attract Hosted Buyers, Bulgaria and Ukraine concentrated the highest percentage (50.0%). The Hosted Buyer attendance results are presented in detail in the chart below.

Chart. Country of origin of Hosted Buyers at Philoxenia 2014

The meetings between Hosted Buyers and Exhibitors at the 30th Philoxenia were also quite successful. A very large percentage of the appointments booked were held and the results of these meetings are deemed to be positive, according to the Hosted Buyers themselves. More specifically, 100.0% of Hosted Buyers deemed them as fruitful, a very satisfactory percentage for the Exhibition.

Chart. Extent of satisfaction of Hosted Buyers with the meetings held

The meetings between Trade Visitors and the Exhibitors at the 30th Philoxenia 2014 were highly successful for all the Hosted Buyers. More specifically, 82.0% of Hosted Buyers deemed them as fruitful, a very high percentage for the Exhibition.

Chart. Did you attend fruitful meetings with exhibitors during your visit to Philoxenia 2014?