The Exhibitions Research Institute is non-profit company whose chief purpose is to conduct research and studies on issues that concern exhibition and conference activities. With accreditation by UFI auditor, the Institute is able to audit exhibition events.
Event Auditing
In order to audit events, the ERI has developed a methodology based on international experience.
Auditing studies follow the procedure below:
  • A comprehensive discussion with the Organiser takes place regarding the qualitative and quantitative goals of the Exhibition.
  • Subsequently, all the necessary documents for conducting the survey are drawn up following arrangements with the organiser. These documents are: questionnaires for Exhibitors and Visitors, daily traffic, recording of trade visitors, etc.
  • The survey is then conducted on the Exhibitors and Visitors by specialised researchers and under the overall scientific supervision of the ERI.
  • After the Event has ended, the questionnaires are processed and analysed, and the study containing the processing and evaluation of the results, the report and weighting in relation to the goals initially set is delivered to the Organiser within 45 days (depending on the scale of the Event).
The overall evaluation of the event is based on the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the Exhibition, as well as the results of the survey conducted on the Exhibitors and Visitors. More specifically, the quantitative characteristics that determine the success of an Exhibition are based on:
  • financial return 
  • the square meters of space rented
  • the number of tickets sold
  • the number of catalogues sold
  • the revenue from the provision of services
  • the number of Exhibitors
  • the number of Visitors. 
Furthermore, the qualitative characteristics that determine the success of an Exhibition are based on:
  • the type of Exhibitors (degree to which the Exhibits are representative of the name of the Event)
  • the type of Visitors (trade visitors)
  • the response of the Media and the Press
  • the prevailing ambiance during the Exhibition 
As regards the survey results, the following are taken into account when processing the Visitor questionnaires:
  • their position in the company
  • their place of origin (e.g. from abroad, Greece, Region where the Exhibition is being held)
  • the sector they represent
  • the duration of their visit 
In order to draw representative conclusions from the survey, it is necessary to cross-check the Visitor questionnaire results with the Visitor questionnaire results.
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