Philoxenia Conference 2021

Exhibition and Congress Center of ΗΕLEXPO
Pavilion 14

This year's PHILOXENIA Conference focuses on the need to understand and evaluate the tourist experience, as well as exploring how it should be designed in order to become attractive to the visitor.

In recent years, travelers are oriented towards a more substantial relationship with the destination they have chosen, willing to get to know better its history, culture, nature and people. In other words, there is a tendency to search for more experiential activities that involve the element of discovery, of deepening in the experience, of interacting with the people of the local community and of their particular culture.

Experiential tourism otherwise, shapes the visitor's space-time, allows a better understanding of local identity, enables the creation of fascinating narratives utilizing the historical and cultural capital of an area and, above all, contributes to a holistic approach to the development of the place, since it requires reliable synergies between the public and the private sectors.